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19 Apr 2014
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Pawan Kalyan

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In a recent interview to a magazine, Pawan Kalyan spoke about his success and failures. Last few years have been a rough ride
for Pawan Kalyan. His directoral venture Jhonny was a disaster at the boxoffice. Gudumba Shankar also didnot fare well.
And Balu, which released this year, did good business but didnot meet his range of hits. Pawan Kalyan spoke about the issues
and what he felt about all around him. It was
an interesting interview and must read for his fans.. The following are few excerpts from the interview

As per the reports, openings are very good. Run is also good.
However, this result didnot reach the range of my previous films.
To be honest, I am not really satisfied with that.

I never evaluate satisfaction based on records and remuneration. Money is secondary.
It is the work and thus the result that ought to give the satisfaction. I always go for a film
only when the full script is ready. However, I could not really implement that strategy after
. I had only 60% script ready when I started Jhonny. Aswini Dutt and Karunakaran took care
of the script for Balu since I was busy with Gudumba Shankar. The reason why I had to do that
is because apparently there is lot of gap between my films and hence I had to start shooting even
without the script. Though no one is forcing me to do that, there is an undercurrent of pressure
from friends, family, fans and press. Hence
the objective changed from "To Make the show" to "To Run the show"
and all the films started in a confused state.

There should be a discussion and debate on everything. Sometimes they just think that
they "have" to provide it since Pawan Kalyan asked for it. It should not be like that.

on my visualization I ask for some kind of property. After careful analysis and discussion, it should
be seeked. For example during the shooting of Gudumba Shankar,

I thought it would be better if
there is a truck chase. I visualized the trucks to be red. The only red trucks that are available
are from Volvo and they are very expensive to rent. In a situation like that, there should be a discussion
on the budget and how much can we afford on that.

It should never be like - The hero asked for it and we have to do it. Finally, it comes out like Pawan Kalyan
demanded for it and the entire responsibility is pushed on to me. If you think that they are not discussing with me
because of the respect, I dont agree with that. It is not work then. I call it escapism. I am not a dictator to not to listen to
one. It should always be a team work.
I never, even for once, did think that the credit for any of my hits are
because of me. A film is the contribution of the entire unit.

When it comes to Balu, I am a bit less involved with it since I am concentrating more on Gudumba Shankar. If people
are concentrating on one person in a film rather than the entire product, then it is definitely going to harm the film.
That is what is happening in this case.

I was totally involved with Gudumba Shankar film. It is a well made film. Also, the fights in Gudumba Shankar are one finest fight
sequence of mine till today and that is a very difficult action sequence to conceive.

Even the climax demanded such a complex fight. These fights have emotional and natural composition.
They are not artifical and routine. To break monotonity, sometimes we have to take risk. You cannot be natural and novel
if you stick to the ring of image.

Some of my friends told me that first half is good and second half is not that great. To be honest, performance
wise and risk-wise that is one of my best performances. I did a lot of work for that film. I feel that the audience needed
more story. That kick in the story is not sufficient.
Probably some modifications could have been done to the story.
But if I continue making modifications, the film would never complete.
As it is I was tired of keeping it in production that long.
Usually when you are dedicated to one thing,
you never feel it is perfect and you keep working on it. After so much of effort, I got all critical remarks on
the film. This is all kind of frustrating. Sometimes you need a supporting team. I am not talking of supporting
funds or grants. But a moral support. Without a team that is supporting morally, it would be tough to give a
good result. I am not pointing at my brother (Nagababu, who produced the film) but about the system itself.

There is a problem with present kind of film making. There is lot of creativity and technical demand in the
film profession. This profession should not be chosen just because one couldnot make it in any other profession.
Sometimes I hear that "maa vaadu ekkada paniki ravatam ledhu. Galiki thiruguthunnadu. Kaneesam mee cinemallonaina
pettandi". How would anyone, who comes from that thought process, would know what cinema is?

So many people from various crafts work towards one film goal. So one needs to have some qualification and experience before entering.
I am not saying in terms of education. I havent done good education myself. I continuously failed after my 8th standard.
It is the interest. If you have a genuine interest, then your mode of working would be different.
Thats how a supporting team is formed.
If there is knowledgable person in the production design,
there will be discussion and lot of options for everything. Instead of just doing something because I asked
for it, there should be a thinking process.

I have been going through all this right from the beginning. Not just now. But they are coming out now since people started
asking me about them only now. You would have got the same answers
if you asked me on what hurdles I faced
to get the success in the past. At that time it was all success that you saw.

I faced different kind of situations with Badri and Khushi. However, the films crossed the expectations and they fared good.

Fate of 3 or 4 films doesnot impact much. I never thought in terms of money.
All I look for is if I am able to think or not and if I got a team to share those thoughts.

Everyone will select their own path. If I come as Chiranjeevi's brother, why should people see me? Why would
audience entertain if I am related to one popular star. If I am dancing or acting like my brother, he is there to do it himself.
Why would someone see me doing the same thing?
Thinking on those lines, I learnt few things. I started taking
some risks working with new people. In the worst case, the risk will turn as failure. Nothing more than that. But
people should identify a quality and curiosity with me.

(Disc function gallery 1,
gallery 2)

For the first time, I accepted that I am a hero at the Platinum disc function of Balu.
Its the responsbility. I had to do it. Though I try to avoid identifying myself as a star, it is unavoidable to accept
that I am a film hero. However, all that I said
on that day came out of a natural feeling. After that I attended Radhagopalam function
but that feel was missing and I didnot talk.
As it is, I am not in the stage to talk about Bapu garu. I dont have that much experience. In Balu function, the
fans are excited and I had to say something. If annayya was there, probably I wouldnt have got that much scene but
he was not there. But I still believe that I am an amateurish speaker.

Also, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan spoke on why the change with his getup during when he is not working on a film.

During the production Kalyan becomes an actor and will shape up for the character.
So during the production gaps, I will try to find out natural Kalyan and bring him out. Otherwise there will be this problem of
false personality.

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